Vic Graf

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Aviation Machinist Mate



Vic as an ADJ-2 during the 1964 WESTPAC deployment

1972 - Vic is now the Aircraft Division Chief in HS-4 Vic and Sally at the HS-6 50th Anniversary Reception - NAS North Island - June, 2006


I was in HS-6 from August 63 to November 66. I always felt HS-6's Vietnam Cruses started in 1965 at the time of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. I remember being called back to the ship and heading for the South China Sea but I can't remember where we were in port, possibly Hokido, Japan. I do remember putting on armor plating on some of the H-3's and, although I was not an A/C, I did fly on test flights for the Power Plants shop many times and can remember loading an M-60 (hand held) and boxes of ammo on some of these flights just in case we were called upon. I also think we turned these A/C over to either HS-4 or 2 thus starting the HS involvement in SAR duties which I believe is credited to one of the other HS Squadrons and not HS-6.


While cruising your web site tonight I noticed the LBJ Support page written by Ron Clarke.

I have attached a Certificate of Merit and a Letter of Appreciation for participating in the detachment. Thought these might add a little more spice to the page. I also have a LBJ Zippo cigarette lighter that was given to us. As Ron mentioned about the uniform of the day I and all the other maintenance personnel (I believe I was the senior enlisted on the Det) were issued 4 pair of white nylon coveralls that we had to wear when getting near the a/c. We also had to change if any type of soil got on the coveralls. I still have all four sets and I wore them when ever I did any physical work on a/c after I made Chief while I was still in the Navy.

Letter of Appreciation Certificate of Merit

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