Vern Von Sydow

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1966 Cruisebook photo 1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R J. W. Jones, Roland Cockerham, Jim Rooney (upper)and Vern
Vern in 2009

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Skipper Vermilya and XO Lockwood pose with the NAAS Ream Field Football League Champions prior to the 1966 cruise Aircrew group photo from 1966 cruise
SAR Det C pilots reunited on the USS Intrepid (CVA-11)  after the loss of Indian Gal 69 on a Shining Brass mission deep in NVN - L to R; Back Row: Ross Mordhorst, Buck Carlton, Vern, Bob Burnand, Doug Heggie, Vann Goodloe, Bill Roy, Ed Marsyla - Front Row: Tom May, Leon Houglum, Bill Medley and Dave Murphy Rambo Von Sydow during the 1966 cruise
Let the good times roll! L-R: Mike Tierney, Vern, Paul Thorpe, Rick Grant and Ollie Donelan Vern, Rick Grant, Mike Tierney and Ollie Donelan Vern, Jon Ryan and Mike Tierney
Vern shares his  dance card  with F.X. McCarthy during 1967-8 WESTPAC deployment Christmas 1967, L-R: Dave Weighton, Mike Tierney, Elyse and Rick Grant, Jim Rooney, Rich Keenan, Dave Grossglass and Vern enjoy Christmas dinner at Sasebo O Club
Snoopy was a keen sports fan back in 1966 The Belly-Whomping Championship match is about to begin as the reigning Champ steps forward Mike Tierney and Rick Grant pay homage as the Champ is crowned again
L-R: Vern, Jones, Len Gonerka and Ric Williams during "Farewell" ceremony for the three Petty Officers who were supposed to receive an inter-service transfer to the Army to fly Hueys as Warrant Officers - the orders were cancelled shortly after the ceremony Vern's  "Wedding Night" - Sea of Japan - March, 1968 - our deployment was extended because of the Pueblo capture - who can name the "bride?" Snoopy feels Vern's pain
Waite, Larry Wahl, Jim Rooney and Vern finally say good-bye to the Kearsarge as they man their plane for the Fly-In on April 5, 1968 Mike Tierney and Vern clean up nicely!
  The "Beast" is back in his true element!  
  A lot of the "Usual Suspects" are invited to a surprise  goodbye party for the Grants in 1984 hosted by Gail & Vern  

Updated: 04/03/11