Trevor Rieck, RAN

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Skipper Bill Reed presents Trevor with a HS-6 plaque - 29 May 1969

December 25, 2016

Firstly let me introduce myself - Trevor Rieck LCDR (Retd) Royal Australian Navy, pilot - mainly helicopters.

I am a USN Naval Aviator having got my wings in Dec 1967 out of Ellyson through the helicopter stream.

In 1969 HMAS Melbourne (aircraft carrier) was on exercise in the South Chine Sea with another task force headed by the USS Kearsage.

I was with a Wessex Squadron HS817. It was decided to cross deck a few of us. I was selected to go across to Kearsage for a few days.

My log book shows that on May 28 and 29 1969 I flew with Fiorentini, Vanatta, Tessada and Casey in SH3A 310,314 and 307. I was able to see from your web page that Vanatta has passed on.

There were several guys on board who I knew from flight training in Pensacola. Who said the American ships were dry. I got absolutely plaster and could not find my way back to my cabin and got lost in the hanger deck and was guided back to my cabin by a kind rating. I often shudder at the thought of the consequences of an Australian Naval Aviator found wondering around the hanger deck legless - stuff of court martial and dismissals!!!!

I now live in London having left the Navy in 1986 and went onto construction project management and retired to London.

Cheers in any case and all the best for the reunion.


Trevor Rieck

Rick Tessada, Charlie Mack, Bruce Casey, Neil Holman and Trevor in the HS-6 JO bunkroom on Kearsarge Trevor shot this picture of Indian Gal 303 Three Indian Gals with a Small Boy in the background Trevor's temporary home

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