1st Lt T.H. Walsh

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bullet27 August 1966 -
Cdr Bob Vermilya/Lt(jg) Vern Von Sydow/AXC Tom Grisham/AX3 Rodger Sitko flying a night ASW training mission in an unarmored SH-3A respond to a "Mayday" call from a USAF F-4C from the 497th TFS that successfully made it "feet wet" after being hit over NVN. Maj J.E. Barrow and 1st Lt T.H. Walsh were eventually located and rescued approximately 3 miles off the NVN coast. It is unclear which pilot Cdr Vermilya's crew rescued. Read rescue synopsis.
bullet27 August 1966 -
Lcdr Dave Humphreys/Lt(jg) Dick Lynas/AX3 Dave Hannum/AX1 Kenneth White also flying in an unarmored SH-3A as part of the same night ASW training exercise as Cdr Vermilya's crew, rescued the second downed USAF pilot close to the NVN shoreline. Read rescue synopsis.