Rudy Cartwright

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: Lancaster, George, Rudy and Tom May (cap)
1969 Cruisebook photo
Flight deck photo, L-R: Cdr Lockwood, Tom May and Rudy  - can anyone identify the other folks in the picture or what the occasion was?
Snoopy welcomes Rudy and Tom May back after they were plucked from the Pacific on the night of 3 October 1967 by the USS Thomason (DD-760) We made the Officers of the Thomason Wardroom honorary Raunchy Redskins as soon as we arrived in port - they reciprocated by making us honorary members of their wardroom Indian Gal 53 moves in to HIFR (Helicopter In-Flight Refuel) from the Thomason during the 1967-8 cruise
The "Other" Usual Suspects, L-R: Russ Morris, Ed Marsyla, Dave Conklin (?), Bill Runyon and Rudy Rudy, Gerry Cleason, Dave Conklin and Russ Morris let you know what's on their mind during the transit home
Rudy and Neil Sellers enjoy "Fun in the Sun" - May 1969
Rudy and kids in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines - 1969 Rudy in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines - 1969
Ken Burns, Rudy, Jim Hall and Skipper Al Fox get together after Eric Peterson's Memorial Service - November 2002

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Updated: 01/26/07