Ric Williams

23 August 1946 - 29 June 2011

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: Ric Williams, Don Sanborn, Steve Coakley (seated in cap), Russell Sprague

July 5, 2011

My name is Sean Williams, son of Richard Williams. My father passed away last week and I was wondering if you had any further information on his military service or could point me in the right direction? Iím currently on Active Duty in the Navy stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sean R. Williams - parajumper1@verizon.net


Ric ashore at the Bar Kitty Cat, Sasebo, Japan - August 1966 Ric at the Bar Kitty Cat again - Christmas 1967
Ric in the HS-6 power plants shop aboard the USS Kearsarge L-R: Vern Von Sydow, Jones, Len Gonerka, Ric Williams - see story below for details

The army xfer shot is Vern Von Sydow, Gonerka, Jones and myself when we were supposed to transfer to the Army as Warrant Officers to fly Huey's due to their squadron's 50% casualty rate. Right before we were to leave, the program was canceled...guess I should be thankful for that!

I left HS-6 in 1968 and joined VF-126 at NAS Miramar. VF-126 was a training squadron using TA-4F planes. I was promoted to ADJ-1 and ran the check crew and flew back seat as a test aircrewman on maintenance flights. I also had a high power turn up card and had final approval on all engine overhauls. I left the service in 1971 and started college (I had some USAFI credits which gave me a head start, and received an LLB from Western States University, College of Law. I never took the bar as I got married, had three kids and needed to work to support them. My career field turned out to be sales and I progressed in the automotive parts field from salesman to sales manager and eventually to general manager. When I was appointed to General Manager of Bowman Distribution/Barnes Group Inc, they requested that I get an MBA, so I attended the University of Washington and received my MBA in 1993. I served in an executive position for a few Fortune 500 companies when I decided to start my own business in the entertainment industry and owned a successful talent agency until I sold it in 2007 and decided to take an early retirement in Las Vegas to figure out what I wanted to do with the second half of my life. I got bored after 6 months, so decided to go back to school and get my Ph.D. in Organization & Management with a Leadership specialty. I have finished one year, and have one more to go and then comps and dissertation.

For hobbies I am a PADI SCUBA Instructor and love to travel and dive. I have been very fortunate over the years and have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the East. I was in Kuwait when the oil wells were still on fire after Desert Storm. I ride a Harley and am a member of the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club.

I am currently single, after three marriages, three kids, one step child, and four grandkids with a fifth on the way. Life has been great!


  Crew quarters,space C-318-L, shows ADJ's Carpenter, Cherry, Hall, McDermott, Booth, and Schenke enjoying their favorite pastime.  

Ric reminisces about an unplanned "Liberty Call" in Japan while HS-6 was in the Sea of Japan after the USS Pueblo was seized by North Korea.

Ric remembers the two Westpac cruises he made with HS-6 on navyhistory.com. Scroll down the page to his name.

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Updated: 08/08/11