Phil Fuller

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1967-8 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo, L-R: Chief Maze, George Armstrong, Phil Fuller (upper step), Eric Peterson

1969 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo

Phil & Sue Fuller's wedding: L-R: Sue, Phil, Gordon Thomas, Craig Reynolds, Gus Herrmann, Ken Burns, Bruce Casey, Mike Wilkins, Ed Marsyla, Bill Medley

"Fun in the Sun" May 1969 - with John Williams in right picture
Roger Duvall (L) and Phil Fuller (R) at Koko Head Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, 1969 Phil (L) and Ken Burns (R) with Koko Head Bay in the background, Oahu, Hawaii, 1969
  Phil in Nagasaki, Japan  

Updated: 08/22/14