MAJ Laird Guttersen

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bullet17 December 1967 -
Lcdr George Cagle/Lt(jg) Jim Payton/AXAN Alan Nobles/ADJ2 George Armstrong are launched shortly before midnight from "Alert 5" SAR posture in response to a report that a VS-29 Stoof had located two downed airmen close to the NVN coast. Their 497th TFS F-4D (Ser. 66-7757) was hit by enemy ground fire while attacking the Hau Hung Ferry. MAJ Laird Guttersen (pilot) and 1st LT S.P. Sox (WSO) nursed the crippled Phantom "feet wet" before ejecting at 17-30'N/106N/48'E. The helo and survivors come under light machine gun fire during the course of the night rescue. Subsequently, Maj Guttersen was shot down and captured on 23 February 1967.