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Spouse: Leslie

I have two sons -  Graham is an Aerospace Engineering graduate of the University of Illinois and is currently a Student Naval Aviator.  Hugh is a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh.

After graduating from the University of Illinois I commissioned via AOCS in September of 1981, flew T-28's in primary at NAS Corpus Christi, then H-57's & H-1's at NAS Whiting.  I got my wings in November 1982, then headed to the H-3 RAG HS-10 at NAS North Island (via a detour to Newport for Legal Officer school!)  I joined HS-6 in spring of 1983.  I did 2 West-Pac's on USS Enterprise, spent a lot of time in the North Arabian Sea.

My shore tour was as a T-34C instructor back at Whiting.  I got off active duty in 1987 and after a short break became a Reservist.  Flew P-3's for 1 year waiting to get into a C-9 unit, then C-9's first in VR-51at NAS Glenview until we were BRAC'ed, then finished up in VR-46 at NAS Atlanta (Dobbins AFB.)  I retired as a Commander in 1997.

I'm currently an MD-88/90 Captain at Delta Air Lines.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

/s/ Kevin Stapleton

Created: 01/19/14