Ken Burns

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: Don Stanford, Dale Myers, Ken (in cap) 1969 Cruisebook photo Ken at 2009 Reunion

My First Flight in HS-6 - with Ward Winter, April 20. 1967 in BuNo. 152122

My Last Flight in HS-6 - with Ray Hightower, April 10, 1970 in BuNo. 152125

  Our first apartment in Chula Vista on Church Street behind the Third Avenue Safeway - July 1967  
Somewhere in the South China Sea in late 1967/early 1968 - Big Mutha SAR bird affectionately named MOMS after a bar in Olongopo. L-R: Larry Wahl, Don Stanford, Ken and Dale Myers - in front of Big Mother 74 - SAR Det B, USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) - November 1967
L-R: Ken and Don Stanford (Dale Myers barely visible in pilot's seat in Background) L-R: Ken, Dale Myers and Don Stanford (pre-flighting the #2 engine on a SAR bird)
Homecoming Day, April 5, 1968. Helen in front of the HS-6 Admin Building. Check out the gloves - my, how times have changed! Fly-In Schedule, April 5, 1968 - see below for significance
Off to the CAG Formal - May 1968 Who is this man and what is he doing to Helen?

Birth announcement for our first child, Kathy, born December 24, 1968, at the Balboa Naval Hospital. The BuNo and side number are significant because this was my Fly-In airplane and nine months later Kathy was born. She was the first baby born to a member of the Air Group. Bill Hobdy's daughter, Noelle, was born the following day.

  Phil & Sue Fuller's wedding: L-R: Sue, Phil, Gordon Thomas, Craig Reynolds, Gus Herrmann, Ken, Bruce Casey, Mike Wilkins, Ed Marsyla and Bill Medley  
  Aboard the Kearsarge during the '69 cruise.  
The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys. I bought this 1941 Ford Station Wagon for $300 off a used car lot in Chula Vista in October 1969. In those days they were common and cheap on used car lots in Southern California. Still have the Woodie, but they're no longer cheap. This picture was taken in Little Georgetown, Virginia, during an antique car tour. Click here to see me playing with my toys.
  Ken, Rudy Cartwright, Jim Hall and Skipper Al Fox get together after Eric Peterson's Memorial Service - November 2002  
Ken & Helen at Fenwick Island, Delaware - July 2006. And the rest of the crew - that's Kathy with the red hair and her daughters: Ann (age 9) and Emma (age 5). Our son Chris and his wife Tish were expecting their first child in early February '07. Since they live in Orange County our trip to the Reunion served double duty. Missing from the picture is Kathy's husband Tony.
Audrey Emerson Burns arrived on January 27, 2007.  Helen and Ken made a quick photo-op stop in Costa Mesa before the 2007 Reunion to meet their newest grandchild - Helen was well-armed with pictures when she arrived in San Diego!

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