Jim Rooney

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: J. W. Jones, Roland Cockerham, Vern Von Sydow (lower), Jim Rooney (upper) Jim in 2009
Read rescue entry - January 1968
Jim and Rick Grant head off on Liberty in Japan during 1967-8  cruise Leo Keiffer gets his shoes repaired while Jim Hall and Jim (behind Doc) look on. Who's standing back-to-camera? Christmas 1967, L-R: Dave Weighton, Mike Tierney, Elyse and Rick Grant, Jim, Rich Keenan, Dave Grossglass and Vern Von Sydow enjoy Christmas dinner at Sasebo O Club
Wahl, Waite and Jim (center) and Vern Von Sydow prepare for the 1968 Fly-In as they bid the Kearsarge "Au Dieu" on April 5th "Fun in the Sun" - May 1969 - L-R Jim, Eric Peterson, Neil Sellers, Arne Bruflat Arne Bruflat enjoys the food while others enjoy the sun during the 1969 cruise.   L-R: Arne, Ken Burns, Hi Bronson, Rudy Cartwright (hidden behind Hi), Bill Wraith, Jim, Roger Wharton and Bruce Casey

Updated: 01/21/11