Jim Hall

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1967-8 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo, L-R: Webb Hayes, Jim Hall, Frank Strong, Russ McKay (seated), Dave Grossglass 1969 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo


Snoopy welcomes Doc Hall to HS-6 with a wish

The Skipper and the Doc share a smile - 1967-8 WESTPAC deployment Doc relaxes during the 1967-8 cruise Good to see the Doc modeling some good wellness practices aboard ship
Leo Keiffer gets his shoes repaired while Jim and Jim Rooney look on. Who's standing back-to-camera? Jim and Dave Weighton in the Sea of Japan during the Pueblo crisis early in 1968 Sea of Japan, Feb/Mar 1968
Sea of Japan, Feb/Mar 1968 Sea of Japan, Feb/Mar 1968
L-R: Dave Grossglass, Rick Grant, Dick Lynas, Jim Hall L-R: Jim Hall, Dave Grossglass, Don Sanborn, Rick Grant
"Fun in the Sun, May 1969 L-R: Jerry Vanatta, Doug Huff, Jim Hall Jim, Wright, unknown aircrewman, Whistler and Rick Tessada in Kyoto, Japan, May 1969
  Ken Burns, Rudy Cartwright, Jim and Skipper Al Fox get together after Eric Peterson's Memorial Service - November 2002  

Updated: 08/22/14