Jack Thompson

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Jack in 1973 as a LT(jg) while in HS-6 Jack in 1993 as a Captain.

Here’s a scanned slide the summer of 1973 HS-6 cruise aboard USNS Corpus Christi Bay.  CO John Daly is the smiling guy in the middle of this group of HS-6 pilots on that cruise to the South Pacific, wearing the HS-6 ball cap. The pilot on the far left in this photo is ENS Jack Thompson. The third pilot to the right of Skipper Daly is long ago retired CAPT Jeff Wiant, then a LT, also now deceased.  Standing next to Jack is Mike Baxter, who worked for Sikorsky for many years.  The pilot wearing the combination cover is John Smith. Looks like we were having an abandon ship drill on that old seaplane tender!  /s/ CAPT Steve Arends, USN (Ret.)

Created: 03/11/2019