Hugh F. McLinden

March 22, 1920 - 30 August 2002

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As Executive Officer - 1957 Ream Field Yearbook photo

U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot #312

CDR Hugh F. McLinden, Jr., was born in Maspeth, Long Island, NY, on March 22, 1920. After attending Randolph-Macon College for two years he joined the Navy in September 1941 in the V-5 aviation cadet program. He completed flight training and was commissioned in October 1942. He flew dive bombers with VC-24, based in the Solomon Islands. A veteran of 26 combat missions, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross, six Air Medals, and numerous other citations. After the war, he qualified as Landing Signal Officer and performed LSO duties at sea until July 1950. Next, he completed helicopter flight training at Connolly AFB, Waco, Texas (Navy Helicopter Pilot designation number 312). Hugh then reported to HU-2, Lakehurst, NJ. From there he went to VX-1, Key West, FL., as senior pilot in the OPDEVFOR program to develop dipping sonar capabilities in the HO4S-1. A tour with HS-3 followed. There he was the prime mover in putting the first ASW helicopters on an ASW carrier for an operational exercise. He was also instrumental in putting the first ASW helo detachment aboard an ASW carrier for deployment. Following a tour as BUAer Representative at Hiller Helicopters in Palo Alto, CA, he joined HS-6 as Executive Officer in September 1956. Leaving HS-6 he reported to CARDIV-15, embarked on USS Princeton (CVS-37). After a tour as BUWeps Representative at Boeing Vertol, Philadelphia, he went back to sea in the Staff of CARDIV-19 aboard USS Yorktown (CVS-10). His last tour was as Assistant Head of the Rotary Wing Section, BUWeps, Washington, D.C. He retired in July 1965. After going back to school and obtaining a Masters and a Teaching Credential, Hugh launched his second career as a high school mathematics teacher in Chula Vista, CA. He remained very closely associated with the helo community for the rest of his life. He was a Founding Member of the Naval Helicopter Association.

Service in WWII Shipboard as a LT Hiller Flying Platform - 6 April 1955
Congratulations for ??? Flying an unidentified helicopter

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