Gus Herrmann

Killed in crash off Imperial Beach, CA - 3 September 1968

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo L-R: Williams, Finch, Jessie Harris (seated), Gus Herrmann

Gus as a Flight Student in VT-2, Spring 1966
Gus admires Gordon Thomas' Trashed T-28 Trojan Trainer
Gus enjoys a Coors on 6 April, 1968 after being the SDO on the day of the Fly-In from our 1967-8 WESTPAC deployment Easter Sunday, April 14, 1968 with Helen Burns at NAAS Ream Field
  At Phil & Sue Fuller's wedding: L-R Sue, Phil, Gordon Thomas, Craig Reynolds, Gus Herrmann, Ken Burns, Bruce Casey, Mike Wilkins, Ed Marsyla, Bill Medley  
  Denise Herrmann (L) and Kathy Burns - June 1969 Denise was born in February, 1969, five months after Gus' death  

     I spent several days after the ‘67-8 cruise with Gus in his MG touring the countryside.  He was also a guest at the Richards’ home several times for dinners.  Gus was one of the best liked guys in the squadron and a real friend.
     A side light to that flight which had been scheduled for that morning but NARF had not finished it so Sanborn, the crewman and I came back to Ream.  Since Gus was being groomed as a test pilot he took the afternoon flight and the rest is history.  I will never forget that!
/s/ Phil Fuller

Updated: 03/11/2019