Gary Smith

Died in 2011

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Read about Gary's participation of the attempted rescue of Cdr Charles Henry Peters, USN; the Commanding Officer of VA-155.

Read about Gary's bravery during the rescue of Ltjg Cody A. Balisteri, USN. Copilot on the rescue mission, Ltjg Rick Grant, in April 2017, recalled this about Gary during rescue.

     "I can honestly say, when he got back in the helo, he was exhausted.  Also, the hoist jammed, we had to land in the water to get them aboard.  And the funniest part, when Smitty got to the little island dragging a rubber raft, the JG had crawled upon,  the JG threw his gun in the raft and hopped in so Smitty could tow him out to where we could rescue him.  Smiitty, in no uncertain terms told him to get out and swim.  It seemed like we were in there forever.  Funny rescue..!"

Read about Gary's participation in the rescue of Lt E. L. Foss, USN.

Created: 05/07/17