Earle Rogers

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1963 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo 1964 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo Earle at our 2009 Reunion in Pensacola

Earle participated in the recovery of L. Gordon Cooper and his Faith-7 capsule, the last of the Mercury Series (MA-9). His crew was one of the three planes in the recovery.

Photo of the recovery scene taken by the ship's photographer from Gene Fogarty's plane; the photo was published in the Cruise Book L - R: Earle, Wayne Noah, and Gene Fogarty in front of the Faith 7 capsule on the Kearsarge hanger deck
L-R: LTJG Ron "Smokie" Schoenfeld & LT Earle Rogers "winging" an unknown aircrew - 1964 L-R: LTJG Ron "Smokie" Schoenfeld, LT Earle Rogers & HM1 "Doc" Sumner - 1965

Updated: 08/18/14