David Reeves

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David moments after being plucked from the water on 23 July 1980. David being awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal by Rear Admiral Louis Williams, COMAWSWINGSPAC
Indian 721 lifts off Spot 3 after the Connie turned into wind to launch jets... proving once again that the Air Boss just doesn't know enough about how helos fly.
David's helmet hangs proudly in his office at work just above his DD-214

I was an ASW/CSAR swimmer attached to HS 6 in the late70s and mustered out in March of 1981. I made two WESTPAC cruises aboard the USS Constellation (CV 64). I served with distinction earning the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for actions while ditching into the sea in Indian 721 on 23 July 1980. This was during the Iranian Hostage crisis.  Thirty days later (22 August 1980) I was First Crewman during a main gearbox failure as we crash landed on the deck of the USS Truxton (CGN-35). That aircraft was piloted by Commander Young. I was a nominee for air crewman of the year as well as Sailor of the year in 1980.

Created: 07/09/15