Dave Grossglass

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1966 Cruisebook photo 1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: Webb Hayes, Jim Hall, Frank Strong, Russ McKay, Dave Grossglass
  Christmas 1967, L-R: Dave Weighton, Mike Tierney, Elyse and Rick Grant, Jim Rooney, Rich Keenan, Dave and Vern Von Sydow enjoy Christmas dinner at Sasebo O Club  
Sea of Japan Feb/Mar 1968
L-R: Dave, Rick Grant, Dick Lynas and Jim Hall L-R: Jim Hall, Dave, Don Sanborn and Rick Grant

Read about HS-6's and Dave's support to LBJ at the Seven Nation Conference in Manila, October 1966 as reported in the Ream Field Echo - article courtesy of Ric Williams.

Updated: 11/11/09