Cody A. Balisteri

20 March 1941 - 26 October 1966

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bullet11 August 1966 -
Lcdr R. D. Nichols/Lt(jg) Rick Grant/AX3 Gary Smith/AMH2 Royce Roberts are vectored among Fai Tsi Long island chain to locate and rescue VF-111 pilot Lt(jg) Cody A. Balisteri, the downed pilot of a F-8E Crusader (BuNo 150880) off the USS Oriskany (CVA-34). He was finally located on Isle Des L'Union at base of a steep 400' cliff. Petty Officer Smith enters the water and swims to shore with a life raft to affect the rescue since Lt(jg) Balisteri had abandoned his Mae West and raft. Once Petty Officer Smith and Lt(jg) Balisteri swim clear of the surf line the helo is landed in the water to rescue both men after the rescue hoist jams. Read rescue synopsis. Tragically, Lt(jg) Balisteri was killed in the fire aboard the USS Oriskany on 26 October 1966.

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Updated: 04/28/09