Charles L. "Chuck" Brammeier

23 October 1922 - 14 July 1970

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Chuck as a LT in the 1963 Cruisebook Chuck is now a LCDR in the 1964 Cruisebook

Charles Louis "Chuck" Brammeier was born in Rosebud, Montana and enlisted in the Navy in October, 1941. He trained as a radioman/gunner and was assigned to Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, August 1942 through January 1943. He was a SBD and SB2C gunner with VB-18 from July 1943 to August 1944. In July 1945 he entered flight training and graduated in November 1946.

He served in VP, VT, HS and VU squadrons where he flew over 20 types of recips, jets and helicopters and amassed 6,700 hours of flight time. During much of his career he was involved with the launch and recovery of drone targets. He served in HS-6 during 1963 - 1965. He died in an aircraft accident in July 1970 while assigned to the Naval Missile Center, NAS Point Mugu, CA. - Paraphrased from "Enlisted Naval Aviation Pilots" by Harold H Kelly and William A. Riley