John B. Cabell

1921 - 17 April 2011

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As Commanding Officer in the 1959-60 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo

Designated U.S. Navy Helicopter Pilot #89 - 24 September 1948

John Breckenridge Cabell became HS-6's third Commanding Officer when he relieved Commander Earl F. Oglesby on 7 July 1959.

Commander Cabell had a distinguished career as a Naval officer and decorated combat veteran of World War II and the Korean war. He was a World War II Torpedo bomber pilot flying TBM-3 Avengers off the USS Essex (CV-9) and was awarded the Navy Cross for action against the Imperial Japanese Navy. After the war he became the 100th pilot to fly a Navy helicopter and the 89th to be designated a Navy Helicopter Pilot. He was born in Wisconsin in 1921, studied Engineering at the University of Montana, and graduated from Stanford University with a BSME.  Commander Cabell retired from the Navy in 1968, and became a Master Wood Craftsman, and owner/operator of Old Dominion Woodmasters for 38 years. During this time he produced fine wood furniture, as well as metal designs for the NASA space program.

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