Bob Wildman

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1966 Cruisebook photo
1967-8 Cruisebook photo, - Jarvis, Bob Wildman (lower), Arne Bruflat (upper)

Read rescue synopsis - Distinguished Flying Cross Medal

Ream Echo article about the Award Ceremony where Bob was presented his Distinguished Flying Cross - 7 April 1967

Read rescue entry - 10 January 1968

Read rescue entry - 11 January 1968

See rescue pictures - 11 January 1968

  Cutting the cake after a successful SAR Det in 1966 - L-R: Don Nichols, Rick Grant, Jim Petrovich, Bob, Bill Waechter and XO Warren Lockwood  
Bob flying during the 1967-8 cruise You looking at me, boy? Kind of rainy today but no sweat for a second cruise pro

Updated: 01/25/07