Bob Stemsrud

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"Doc" Stemsrud and Dave Weighton - 1967-8 WESTPAC deployment Bob in 2009

Bob doing pre-flight check on T-34 Mentor, Pensacola, November 1965

Gail Prickett, Don Sanborn, Bob and Dale Myers at top of Mount Fuji, Japan, during  Kearsage  WestPac  cruise, July 1966


Bob after HS-6 pilots/crew dropped off a rescued (and injured) Air Force pilot,   Da Nang,  October 1966

Patty and Bob, Coronado, California, August 1967
Snoopy looks forward to getting his shots Doc comes through for Snoopy Snoopy bids Bob goodbye and welcomes Jim Hall


While spending my years of Navy duty with HS-6 and CVSG-53 in 1966 and 1967, I accumulated 250 hours in the SH-3A, as pilot/co-pilot (150 hours) or special crew.  Following completion of a great three years in the U.S. Navy, I did a four-year residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of California in San Francisco.  During those days, flying became too expensive for me, and I reluctantly made my last flight as a private pilot on May 17, 1970.  After practicing orthopedics in Helena, MT for 8 years, Patty and I moved to Farmington NM where we have been in an orthopedic surgical group for 26 years.  My specialties have been total joint replacement and foot/ankle surgery.  Im now retired except for surgical assisting two days a week.


My wife Patty and I were married 40 years ago in Coronado, CA between cruises on the USS Kearsarge. We have three children and a grandchild, all-living in Arizona.  Patty is a southerner, from Alabama.  We met in Yellowstone Park in 1960, a place that we worked for several summers as park rangers during my college and medical school days. We now enjoy frequent traveling, visiting our children, climbing Colorado 14ers, and spending time in Jackson, WY where we have a second home near our favorite national parks.


We very much look forward to attending the Raunchy Redskins Reunion in San Diego in February and getting to rehash stories and update with squadron-mates again after all these years!


  Bob and Patty Stemsrud on Stemsrud Street, East Norway, July 2005  

Updated: 01/20/11