Bill Roy

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1966 Cruisebook photo Bill speaking at our 2009 Reunion

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Cdr Vermilya presents awards to the crew involved in the 20 August rescue. L-R: Bill (Silver Star), Vann Goodloe (DFC), Russell Sprague (Air Medal), and Rodger Sitko (Air Medal). VAdm Conolly (Khakis) and Capt Nyberg, CO of Kearsarge (Whites) look on.

SAR Det C pilots reunited on the USS Intrepid (CVA-11)  after the loss of Indian Gal 69 on a Shining Brass mission deep in NVN - L to R; Back Row: Ross Mordhorst, Buck Carlton, Vern Von Sydow, Bob Burnand, Doug Heggie, Vann Goodloe, Bill, Ed Marsyla - Front Row: Tom May, Leon Houglum, Bill Medley and Dave Murphy

Russell Sprague, Vann and Bill Roy return to the Kearsarge after another successful flight.

Updated: 04/15/09