Bill Medley

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1966 Cruisebook photo 1967-8 Cruisebook photo, L-R: Waite, Johnson, Bill Medley, Dick Lynas Bill in 2009
See rescue entry - 16 December 1967

SAR Det C pilots reunited on the USS Intrepid (CVA-11)  after the loss of Indian Gal 69 on a Shining Brass mission deep in NVN - L to R; Back Row: Ross Mordhorst, Buck Carlton, Vern Von Sydow, Bob Burnand, Doug Heggie, Vann Goodloe, Bill Roy, Ed Marsyla - Front Row: Tom May, Leon Houglum, Bill and Dave Murphy

Skipper Al Fox (L) and Rich Keenan (R) pin on Bill's Railroad Tracks during 1967-8 WESTPAC cruise Yankee Station, 1967-8 cruise, L-R: Paul Thorpe, Neil Sellers, Bill Medley
Bill in cammies preps for a SAR flight Bill aboard ship Bill on Liberty during the 1967-8 cruise Bill as HS-6 PAO poses with guests
  Phil & Sue Fuller's wedding: L-R: Sue, Phil, Gordon Thomas, Craig Reynolds, Gus Herrmann, Ken Burns, Bruce Casey, Mike Wilkins, Ed Marsyla, Bill Medley  

After leaving HS-6 and the Navy in late Oct. 1968, I helped run a small helicopter airline and charter company in the Washington, DC area for about 2 years. Then I went back to finish college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. After that I flew for several small airlines (Beech-99's, DC-8's and B707's) until finally getting a job at Continental Airlines.

I had a great career there and was able to fly all the airplanes they had, including the Airbus-300, B-737, B-757, B-767, and B-777, doing much international flying. I was able to get based in Guam with them for a few years and fulfilled all my scuba diving dreams. I retired in 2003 (you know-the FAA law) at age 60 in Houston.
I was able to sit still for about six months and decided I needed to get to work. So, I obtained my state building inspectors license and started a business. Check out my website at: Now, I have four inspectors working for me and still live just north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. I love it here.

Updated: 04/03/11