Bill Isenhour

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bullet7 July 1966 -
Lt Ron Clarke/Lt(jg) Jerry Smith/AX3 Jimmy Conrad/ADJ2 George Armstrong - Lcdr William Isenhour of VA-216, pilot of an A-4C Skyhawk (BuNo. 148456) off the USS Hancock (CVA-19), was shot down during a low pass over the outskirts of Haiphong Harbor. Helo crew skillfully and rapidly affects rescue from Haiphong Harbor while under enemy fire. Heavy SARCAP support suppresses enemy fire. Read rescue synopsis.
Read more about the rescue efforts as described in "Leave No Man Behind - the Saga of Combat Search and Rescue" by George Galdorisi and Tom Phillips. This excerpt used with the gracious permission of the authors. The book can be ordered from and many other book sellers.
bulletRead Bill's letter to the Raunchy Redskins that was read at our 2009 Reunion in Pensacola, Florida

Updated: 09/27/09