Arne Bruflat

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1967-8 Cruisebook photo, - Jarvis, Bob Wildman (lower), Arne Bruflat (upper)
1969 Cruisebook photo Arne at the 2007 Reunion

Read rescue entry - 11 January 1968    

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First flight - September 5, 1967 with Paul Thorpe in BuNo 152106 as the Kearsarge left Hawaii for WESTPAC.

Last flight - December 10, 1969 with Dennis Pepe in same BuNo 152106.

Most Interesting Flight - on January 10, 1967, flew with CDR Fox on North SAR in BuNo 149735.  We were scrambled and sent south for a rescue.  (Found out later that two F-4s ran out of fuel before they reached their carrier).  Before we arrived, all four crew members had all been picked up, two of them by my regular HAC, Bob Wildman.  I made the comment to CDR Fox that I should probably fly with Bob if I wanted to make a rescue on this cruise.  The next day Bob Wildman and I picked up an A-4 pilot while on a logistics flight in BuNo 149713.  The Skipper had some interesting comments for us!


My Navy Career  
9/61 6/65 NRTOC, University of Southern California
6/65 - 9/67 Stash with VS-29, Flight School, HS-10
9/67 - 12/69 HS-6
 1/70 - 7/73 Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center.  Test Pilot School, then avionics and armament trials of the UN-1N, SH-3H, and RH-53D
8/73 - 6/76 HM-12, RH-53D Airborne Mine Countermeasures
6/76 - 12/77 Naval Postgraduate School, MSAE
1/78 - 5/81 NAVAIR.  PMA-261, Deputy Program Manager, RH-53D, MH-53E. Transferred to Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer
5/81 - 8/84 COMNAVAIRLANT Rotary Wing Class Desk Officer
8/84 - 9/86 NAVAIR.  Systems and Engineering
9/86 - 7/90

NAVAIR. PMA-200.  Program Manager for Support and Special Missions Aircraft

7/90 - 2/94  NAVAIR.  Director, Research and Technology

Present Status

 After retirement, I held various support contractor positions, including: NAVAIR (Predator UAV, H-60 Service Life Study, and Fire Scout VTUAV), NIMA (Acquisition Support), DARPA (J-UCAS Program), and DHS (Counter-MANPADS Program).  Presently an aviation technology consultant, and serving on FAA airspace committees. 

Carola and I have been in Vienna, Virginia since 1978.  Our son, Jon, and his wife recently moved to Tucson, Arizona.

"Fun in the Sun" - May 1969 - L-R Jim Rooney, Eric Peterson, Neil Sellers, Arne Bruflat Arne enjoys the food while others enjoy the sun during the 1969 cruise.   L-R: Arne, Ken Burns, Hi Bronson, Rudy Cartwright (hidden behind Hi), Bill Wraith, Jim Rooney, Roger Wharton and Bruce Casey




Arne before retirement in 1994  

Read Arne's Navy Resume

Updated: 01/19/11