Al Fox

2 January 1928 - 31 July 2016

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1967-8 USS Kearsarge Cruisebook photo when Al was the C.O. Al at our San Diego reunion in 2007.
L-R: Vern Vilhauer, Anderson (lower), Tom Grisham (upper), and Al

Al Fox's letters home to our families during the 1967-8 WESTPAC cruise.

The Skipper promotes Bill Medley to LT
  L-R: Al Fox, Bill Medley, Rich Keenan
Skipper and Doc Hall share a laugh
The "Chief" says goodbye to his tribe

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Ken Burns, Rudy Cartwright, Jim Hall and Al get together after Eric Peterson's Memorial Service - November 2002

Al welcomes all Raunchy Redskins to the 2007 Reunion.

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Updated: 08/21/14