HS-6 Transition Ceremony

NAS North Island, California
7 and 8 July 2011

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On 1 June 1956, aboard the USS PRINCETON (CVS-37) midway between the islands of Formosa and Okinawa, HS-2 Detachment Alpha was commissioned as Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron SIX with Lcdr Douglas D. McKay, USN, as the acting commanding officer. Over the years the squadron flew the H04S; the HSS-1 and HSS-1N; the SH-3A, SH-3D, SH-3G and SH-3H; and finally the SH-60F and HH-60H. We don't have a picture of HS-6's first official flight after commissioning but here are some pictures of HS-6's official last flight.

On 27 January 2011,an H-60 Seahawk helicopter, piloted by Cdr Brent Alfonzo, Commanding Officer of the HS-6 Screamin Indians , and co-pilot LT(jg) Pat Dunn,  taxied through a water cannon salute after landing at Naval Air Station North Island. The crew flew the Seahawk for a ceremonial last flight before the squadron transitioned to a new aircraft and mission when they became Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 6 on 8 July 2011 and assumed a new mission and was re-designated as Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Six.

In early April, 2011, the call went out to all past Indian Gals, Big Mothers, Raunchy Redskins and Screamin' Indians to join the transition festivities.

Raunchy Redskins,

As I am sure you have heard, the Screamin' Indians of HS-6 will be starting a new chapter in Naval Aviation Excellence on July 8, 2011.

We will be transitioning from Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron SIX to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron SIX, which means both new aircraft and new missions.  You are all invited to attend events surrounding the transition, the schedule is as follows:

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Squadron and Aircraft Tours, HS-6 Spaces, NAS North Island



Squadron Social Mixer, Hennessey's Tavern, Downtown San Diego  
Friday, 8 July 2011
bullet 1000-1200
HS-6 Transition Ceremony, HS-6 Hangar, NAS North Island  
To RSVP, please e-mail chris.reed@navy.mil

For information and questions regarding the event, please email Alexander.j.campbell@navy.mil

Thank you all for your service!  

Very Respectfully,

Alexander J. Campbell  
LTJG              USN  
HSC-6       LEGAL/PAO  

View Transition Ceremony Promotional Brochure


View formal Invitation Packet from the Commanding Officer


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Former HS-6 Big Mothers, Raunchy Redskins, Honorary Raunchy Redskins, Indian Gals and Screaming Indians in Attendance

bulletDave Bean (Former CO)
bulletEric Oxendorf
bulletKen and Helen Burns, son Chris and granddaughter Audrey
bulletGene and Irwin Pellerin (Former CO)
bulletGeorge and Pat Cagle
bulletBob Peters
bulletRudy and Ceretha Cartwright
bulletTom Phillips
bulletRon and Judy Clarke
bulletTom Pocklington
bulletTom Finely and grandson Byron Finley visiting from Kiama, NSW,Australia
bulletPhil and Serena Poisson
bulletVic and Sally Graf
bulletJohn Reid
bulletTiff and Donna Hawks
bulletJack Schuller (Former CO) and Road Warrior motorcycle
bulletPaul Hine (Former CO)
bulletRodger Sitko and Sharon Zaferin
bulletTom Hutchinson
bulletDon and Amy Stanford
bulletJohn Leach (Former CO)
bulletStan Szybowski  
bulletDick Lynas
bulletJohn Thomas and daughter Hazel
bulletLew Madden (Former CO)
bulletVern Von Sydow
bulletAlan and Sylvia Nobles
bulletCurt and Sharon Williams
bulletJoann  Nussbaum (Grossglass)
Squadron and Aircraft Tours, HS-6 Spaces, NAS North Island

Welcome Aboard

AWR1 Buegler briefs us in the soon-to-be HSC-6 Survival Equipment Room

LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell in the Survival Equipment Room during our briefing

AWR1 Buegler and AWR3 Warren proudly show off the potent new MH-60S to Don Stanford and Rodger Sitko

Indian Zero is the CAG Bird aka "Crazy Horse" and has a beautiful ceremonial paint job

Another view of Indian 0 as we take a look inside

Ken Burns and Ron Clarke

Sharon Williams, Chris and Audrey Burns, Curt Williams, Judy Clarke and Helen Burns

Chris and Audrey Burns, Sylvia Nobles and LTJG Campbell's mother

Sylvia Nobles tries out the copilot's seat - check out the glass cockpit displays

Bob Peters, Curt Williams and Alan Nobles

Judy Clarke, Chris and Audrey Burns, Sylvia Nobles and Ken Burns (hiding behind the evil eyes)

Ken Burns and Sharon Zaferin

Ken Burns

Chris Burns in the copilot seat

Ken Burns in the pilot's seat and CAG Harris' name on the cockpit door

Ron Clarke in the pilot's seat

Alan Nobles, Ron Clarke, LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell, Don Stanford, Curt Williams, AWR1 Buegler, Rodger Sitko, AWR3 Warren and Ken Burns

Alan Nobles, Ron Clarke, LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell, Don Stanford, Curt Williams, AWR1 Buegler, Rodger Sitko, AWR3 Warren and Ken Burns

Ya gotta start em early - future Naval Aviator Audrey Burns

HS-6's flight line with some of its new war ponies

War Paint

War Paint

War paint

Retired USAF Master Sergeant Shayne Meder, founder of FlyGirlPainters did the art work on the first "Crazy Horse," HS-6's SH-60F. Beginning on 1June 2011 she began working on the second "Crazy Horse," a MH-60S in preparation of HS-6's transition to HSC-6. Visit her on Facebook and move to 1 June 2011 on her timeline to see her working on "Crazy Horse."


Squadron Social Mixer, Hennessey's Tavern, Downtown San Diego

Susie Lasala's Indian Gal continues on to HSC-6

CAPT Shoshana Chatfield and LT Dorian (Tinker) Belz

LTJG Xander(RAGN) Campbell, Alan Nobles, Don Stanford and Curt Williams

Ken Burns

Lew Madden and LTJG Gavin (Powder) Mccorry

CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau and Vic Graf

Rodger Sitko and Sharon and Curt Williams

Alan Nobles and Rudy Cartwright

Alan Nobles, Rudy Cartwright and Bob Peters

Ken Burns, CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and John Reid

CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo, CAPT Shoshana Chatfield Sally Graf, Lew Madden and LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan

CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and Vic Graf

CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and Vic Graf

Vic Graf and CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau

Lew Madden and CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau

LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan, Lew Madden and CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau

CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and CAPT Shoshana Chatfield

Alan Nobles, Curt Williams, CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and Don Stanford

LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan, Phil Poisson and CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau

CDR Steven (Comet) Nassau, LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan and Phil Poisson

Indian Wives

Indian Wives

LCDR Glenn (GT) Todd and AE2 Jonathan Cutler

LCDR Glenn( GT) Todd, CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo and LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan

LCDR Jeremy (Shed) Clark and Ron Clarke

LCDR Jeremy (Shed) Clark and CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo

LT David (Banzai) Matsumoto, LCDR Nick (Roadkill) Leclerc and LT Dave (Duck) Miceli

LT Josh (Buster) Leibovich

LT Dave (Duck) Miceli, LT Kasey (Biscuit) Scheel, Ken Burns and John Reid

LTDave (Duck) Miceli, LT Chris (Topher) Yates and Sylvia Nobles

LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell, LTJG Rick (DD) Dugan, LTJG Gavin (Powder) Mccorry, LT Pat ( Harry) Dunn

Pat Cagle, Ken Burns, John Reid and LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell

Rodger Sitko, LTJG Xander (RAGN) Campbell, Alan Nobles and LT Dave (Duck) Miceli

Ms. Shana Cutler and LT Amelia (A) Owre

Ken Burns and John Reid

Rodger Sitko, Alan Nobles, Bob Peters, Sally and Vic Graf and Curt Williams

Sylvia Nobles, Ron and Judy Clarke

Phil Poisson, Eric Oxendorf and Rodger Sitko

Rodger Sitko, Don Stanford, CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo, Judy and Ron Clarke and others

Don Stanford, Helen Burns, Alan Nobles, and Bob Peters

Curt Williams, Alan Nobles and Bob Peters

Sharon Williams, Ron Clarke, CDR Brent (Fever) Alfonzo, Lew Madden

Judy Clarke and Sally Graf

Sharon Williams, Sharon Zaferin and Amy Stanford

George Cagle, John Reid, and Serena and Phil Poisson

George and Pat Cagle

Serena and Phil Poisson

Transition Ceremony, Hangar 1456, NAS North Island

Lcdr Matthew (Vicki) Baldwin checks his sailors before the ceremony begins.

Lcdr Glenn (GT) Todd and his sailors at attention as the ceremony begins.

The Screamin' Indian logo on the second deck bulkhead.

Executive Oficer Cdr Steven (Comet) Nassau is piped aboard for the ceremony.

Commanding Officer Brent (Fever) Alfonzo is ready to be piped aboard.

Deputy Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Pacific, Captain Shoshana Chatfield is piped aboard.

Commander, Carrier Air Wing 11, Captain Greg (HYFI)Harris is prepared to be piped aboard.

Guest speaker Captain Chatfield delivers her remarks.

Commanding Officer Brent Alfonzo delivers his remarks.

Viet Nam era Combat Search & Rescue crewmembers Don Stanford, Alan Nobles, Curt Williams, Bob Peters and Ron Clarke are acknowledged.

Maintenance Control Chief Master Chief John Thomas is acknowledged for his role in keeping the SAR birds ready during the 1967-8 deployment.

Skipper Brent Alfonzo, CAG Greg Harris and XO Steven Nassau pose in front of Crazy Horse II.

Another look at Crazy Horse II.

Susie Lasala's Indian Gal banner was displayed at the Transition Ceremony.

Viet Nam era Raunchy Redskins.

Paul Hine, Tom Finley, Tom Phillips, Tom Hutchinson and Ken Burns.

Crazy Horse II is a potent MH-60S.

Audrey Burns and her dad, Chris, joined Ken & Helen Burns for the ceremony and a chance to sit up in the cockpit of Crazy HorseII.


Former CO Commander Jack Schuller's Road Warrior motorcycle is dedicated to the brave men and women of HS-6 and to the memory of of the crew of Indian 617

Read the story of the Road Warrior and the Transition Ceremony from the 1 August 2011 tabloid Military Press

Road Warrior was displayed along side Crazy Horse.

Lots of HS-6 insignia/badging on the Road Warrior.

Ken Burns and Road Warrior.

Check out the faces of these gauges.

The Screamin' Indian is "On the road again."

Gotta have a brain bucket to match your ride.