First Reunion

San Diego, California
February 8-11, 2007

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Memorial Flag Service
Bonita, CA
February 10, 2007


Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Department supported our Memorial Service

More chairs were needed because of outstanding turnout

Bill & Carol Hobdy, Rich Keenan

Tom Pocklington put together an terrific program

Tom Finley, Gordon Thomas

The crowd gathers...

Tom Pocklington, Bruce Casey

Don & Linda Sandorn, Tom Finley, Jim Cutropia, Sue Fuller

Tom Pocklington begins the Memorial Service

Tom introduces Ken Milburn, next-to-last USN AP on active duty

Lcdr Dan Fink, USN Chaplin and Tom Pocklington

Former HS-6 COs Al Fox, Frank Herndon, John Leach

Russ McKay, Gordon Thomas, Jim Hughes

Tom Finley, Sue Fuller, Bruce Casey, Buzz Barlow

Chaplin Fink delivers the innvocation

Tom Pocklington introduces Bob Chicca, former USS Pueblo POW

Bob Chicca listens as Al Fox talks about HS-6's role in the USS Pueblo crisis

Bruce Casey

Tom Pocklington and Al Fox

Preparing to lower the flag

Don Sanborn, Cdr Gregory Eaton, USN (current CO, HS-6), Frank Herndon, Jim Dunwell

Don Sanborn, Tom Pocklington, Cdr Eaton, Frank Herndon, Jim Dunwell

Frank Herndon presents the flag to Cdr Eaton

HS-6 will carry the flag with them when they deploy to the Persian Gulf early in 2007


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