Sixth Raunchy Redskin Reunion

San Diego, California
15-18 May 2017

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Barring an act of God, raging forest fires, massive oil spill or devastating earthquake this is the current itinerary for the much anticipated sixth Reunion of the world's greatest helo drivers; aircrewmen; maintenance and support folks; the folks we rescued over the years; and other assorted friends, fools and characters. Anyone who has honorably served in, or has been associated with, HS-6 from the day it was established to the day it was redesignated as HSC-6 is cordially invited to attend.

Reunion Info Sheet - an overview of our 2017 Reunion includes info about: Dates, Place, Eating, Registration, a Special Event aboard the Midway, our Banquet, San Diego area info and the names of members of our esteemed Reunion team.

Hotel Information - our headquarters hotel is the Holiday Inn - Bayside. Most out-of-towners stayed here during our first reunion in 2007 - they'll be happy to know that the renovations were finished and the hotel is beautiful. Here's a handy map showing the layout of the hotel and entrances from North Harbor Drive and Nimitz Boulevard into the parking lot. The Hotel Lobby is in the lower right corner of the diagram.

Plan of the Day - complete schedule of events for all our reunion activities.

Banquet Menu - we'll hold our Farewell Banquet in the Holiday Inn's California Room. The social hour will be followed by a plated meal beginning with a fresh salad followed by your choice of three entrees and then dessert and coffee.

Registration Form - download a registration form and send it in NLT 1 April, 2017, to enjoy a great time with your former squadronmates.

San Diego Information - just in case you've been away from San Diego for awhile here's a refresher on all the great things the area has to offer.


Our Headquarters hotel is the Holiday Inn - Bayside conveniently located on North Harbor Drive adjacent to Lindberg Field, Shelter Island and Harbor Island


QUESTIONS?  Contact Dick Lynas at  or 619.213.2920

Updated 01/22/17