Second Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Pensacola, Florida
May 6-10, 2009

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"Save the Date" - Vann Goodloe's great promotional PowerPoint presentation about the Reunion (3 Megs). You'll relive many old memories as you view "Where It All Started" and then where training is taking place today.

Plan of the Day - schedule of events for our second reunion

Early Bird Welcome Party - the geezers gather!

Valiant Rescue Attempt: North Vietnam - HS-6 pilots participate in a panel discussion as part of the 2009 Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Symposium. The panel details HS-6's heroic, and ultimately futile, efforts to rescue downed A-1 pilot Deane Woods from North Vietnam in October 1966.

Combat Aircrew Wings - as part of the 2009 Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Symposium several HS-6 Aircrewmen are awarded the prestigious Combat Air Wings for their service in Vietnam. Approval for the awarding of Combat Aircrew Wings came about through the efforts of Captain Jeff Wiant USN (Ret.) and RADM Bill Terry USN (Ret.) and is a most fitting tribute to those crewmen that went in harms way on many occasions as a matter of routine. Not all rescue efforts were successful for the potential rescuee or the crew. A big BZ to Phil Poisson for processing the CAW affidavits and to Earle Rogers for getting the ceremony included as part of the 2009 Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Symposium.

Raunchy Redskin Reunion BBQ - beach casual socialization and dining at the Mustin Beach Officers' Club. The Club was recently re-opened after major renovations necessitated by storm damage caused by Hurricane Ivan. Check out the pictures taken from the beach - what a beautiful setting!

Rescue Swimmer School - terrific orientation visit to the school now charged with responsibility for training today's wet crewmen. What a change from "back in the day!"

Whiting Field Orientation - great briefing by a couple of outstanding young Instructor Pilots about pilot training activities conducted at NAS Whiting Field

Whiting Happy Hour - the geezers get to see a rite of passage as some Student Naval Aviators get their tie cut after their first solo flight

Naval Aviation Museum Restoration Facility - Tom Pocklington tours the Restoration Facility to see what's under restoration and what's parked out on the tarmac

Reunion Banquet - great friends, good memories, fine food, fun, awards and recognitions close out our festivities. Read Bill Isenhour's email to all Raunchy Redskins regarding his 7 July 1966 rescue. Read Tiff Hawks' letter to all Raunchy Redskins regarding his 20 August 1966 rescue.

Vann's After Action Report

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