Second Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Pensacola, Florida
May 6-10, 2009

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Whiting Field and Training Wing Five Tour

After the briefing we headed over to the bar in Sikes Hall to watch some Student Naval Aviators under go one of the rites of passage - the traditional tie-cutting ceremony after their first solo flight. An "impartial" panel of Flight Instructors acted as a jury and assessed fines for transgressions committed by these young students - it was a "teachable moment."

Rich Keenan and LTCOL Javier Ball, USMC, the CO of VT-6, the squadron Rich once commanded.

LTCOL Ball introduces Rich to everyone as festivities start.

Okay, enough of the intro - let's serious about what we came for - FREE BEER!

The "impartial jury."

RRs feel right at home in a setting like this.

Ya gotta have Rules in order to function properly.

Lots of artifacts decorate the bar including signatures on the ceiling tiles.

"There I was..."

This won't hurt a bit.

Lots of smiles on this fledgling pilot's face.

The traditional bottle is awarded to the successful instructor as part of the tie cutting ceremony.

This Instructor had two students safely solo.

Nice tie!

So is this one.

We enjoyed reminiscing about our own victories.

As I was explaining to my Instructor..."

Well, he made it away.

Rich Keenan has a little something to share with this SNA.

The jury hard at work.

One of the judges makes a point.

The Chief Judge delivers the "verdict."

What a great bunch of young men serving our country!

Created: 04/05/11