Second Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Pensacola, Florida
May 6-10, 2009

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Whiting Field and Training Wing Five Tour

Friday afternoon we car pooled out to Whiting Field in Milton for an orientation briefing arranged by Vann Goodloe, a former commander of Training Wing Five.

Welcome to Whiting! Now also training USAF students.

Nothing better than a round motor to greet some of us.

The ubiquitious Huey has seen its last flight.

Most of the pilots had gone through helo training in HT-8 when it was at Ellyson Field.

Now for a little Ground School.

Now that's a familiar patch.

Like herding cats as we file in.

That's better - our instructors will be with us in a moment.

Tom Pocklington getting the "gouge" before hand.

Just another typically outstanding young Naval Aviator.

Good speaker. He kept our attention even after lunch.

Navy helos have a much expanded mission - here's a SH-60 in Iraq - oil well fire in the background.

Not much water around here. Guess there' no night dipping.

SH-60s for the small boys.

Q & A time.

Lots of Navy helo pilots got their first helo time in a TH-57.

Cute little thing, isn't it?

Russ Morris and Harley Olsen checking out the TH-57.

Ann Keenan looks like she's ready for her first flight.

Obligatory group picture when most of us are asking "Where's the beer?"

TH-57s on the flight line.

After the briefing we headed over to the bar in Sikes Hall to watch some Student Naval Aviators under go one of the rites of passage - the traditional tie-cutting ceremony after their first solo flight. A truly impartial panel of Flight Instructors acted as a jury and assessed fines for transgressions committed by these young students - it was a "teachable moment."

What a great bunch of young men serving our country!

Created: 04/05/11