Vann's After Action Report

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11 May 2009

To All the RR's:

Reunion Pensacola wrapped up with about 16 "leftovers" showing up for breakfast at IHOP on Sunday morning.  All in all it was a fun 4 days with great friends and new friends enjoying each others' company.  On behalf of Earle Rogers and me, we appreciate the many kind words of appreciation and generous gift certificate at Hemingway's on Pensacola Beach.  But this reunion was a lot more than just us two, there were so many behind the scenes making things happen like Bill Hobdy, Ken Burns and Gordon Thomas, just to name a few.  It was a labor of love and Earle & I enjoyed showing off a bit of what makes Pensacola special.  For those that missed the symposium panel, "Valiant Rescue Attempt", you missed a real highlight of the reunion...our guys were GOOD!  This segment should be available on DVD for purchase from the symposium in about two months and I will forward the info when available.

As we closed out the Saturday evening banquet event, the discussion quickly shifted to "when is the next one"?  Several ideas came from the group as to where to hold the next reunion and when...i.e. Memphis, Virginia Beach and Corpus Christi.  I will pass this along to Ken & Gordon to develop a survey of the RR's and determine what the majority prefers.  And don't forget to send your reunion photos to Ken Burns for the website!

In the meantime, it was great to see you all and the beautiful ladies who joined us for Reunion Pensacola.  Hope all had safe trips home.. and stay healthy & ready for the next one!



Created: 09/27/09