Second Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Pensacola, Florida
May 6-10, 2009

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Valiant Rescue Attempt: North Vietnam

Session II at the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation's 2009 Symposium was a panel discussion of HS-6's heroic efforts to rescue then-Lt R. Deane Woods from North Vietnam in October 1966. Deane was assigned to VA-25 flying an A-1 Skyraider from the USS Coral Sea when he was shot down over North Vietnam in October 1966. Deane successfully evade for two days before finally be captured by a North Vietnamese Army patrol. Rescue efforts continued for another two days before being called off after the loss of Indian Gal 69 due to enemy fire.

bulletParticipating in the discussion, in addition to Deane, were Bob Burnand, Ed Marsyla, Ross Mordhorst and Doug Heggie. The panel was moderated by RAdm Frederick Lewis, USN (Ret).
bulletSymposium Program and bios of participants
Read more about the rescue efforts as described in "Leave No Man Behind - the Saga of Combat Search and Rescue" by George Galdorisi and Tom Phillips. This excerpt used with the gracious permission of the authors. The book can be ordered from and many other book sellers.
bullet POW Network web site entry about Deane.
bulletOrder a DVD of the 2009 Symposium panel discussion "Valiant Rescue Attempt: North Vietnam" by calling the Naval Aviation Museum store at 1-800 247 6289. Tell them you want Session II of the 2009 Symposium.

The Naval Aviation Museum welcomes Symposium attendees

The Navy Band provides entertainment from the second deck of the Blue Angels atrium

Panel participants L-R: RAdm Lewis, Ed Marsyla, Bob Burnand, Deane Woods, Doug Heggie, Ross Mordhorst

RAdm Lewis introduces the panel

Deane Woods, Bob Burnand, Ross Mordhorst, Doug Heggie

Deane Woods, Bob Burnand, Ed Marsyla, Ross Mordhorst

Ed Marsyla, Ross Mordhorst, Doug Heggie

Deane Woods, Bob Burnand, Ed Marsyla

The entire panel

RAdm Lewis introduces the Raunchy Redskins

The audience acknowledges the RRs

Good view of the panelists and the audience

View from the atrium second deck revels the SH-3 sitting outside

Q & A time

Instructor pilots and students were in attendence

Deane is interviewed by the local Fox TV channel

Bob Burnand talks with Ken Burns. Also in the picture: Ross Mordhorst, Tom Poclington (in hat) and Bill Hobdy


Created: 06/26/09