Bill Isenhour's Letter

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From: "Bill Isenhour"
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 19:19:26 -0400
To: Jim Rooney<>
Subject: No greater gift....

Jim, if you would pass these less-than-eloquent but heartfelt words on to your  compatriots I will be much grateful.       

My Great-great Grandfather was a captain in the Confederate Army. His four younger brothers were all killed in Richmond. My Granddad fought in Cuba and later in other places. My Dad was in the reinvasion of the Philippines and all my uncles also were in WW11. I was pre-destined to serve and it was my good fortune to rub shoulders with you folks. It pains me that I simply can't be there to hoist one or two with you but I feel I know you all...not by sight but by heart. I was taught at an early age that no man has a greater giving than to be willing to lay down his life for a fellow warrior. You all were willing to make that move. I have never forgotten that fact and never will. I have enjoyed 40+ years on this earth because of you. My family is all more than aware of this and feel as strongly about your courage and devotion as I do. Those of you who were not physically on my pick-up were none-the-less there in spirit and heart. I am not one who prays a lot, but I pray for you and shall continue to do so and hope that others who find themselves in a position similar to the one I was in will be fortunate enough to have a "Raunchy Redskin" show up and take them home. I hope that each of your wives, children and ladies will give you a big hug for me. God rest you well, gentlemen, you have earned it. Bless you.

Bill Isenhour

Brought home on July 7, 1966

Created: 09/27/09