Tiff Hawk's Letter

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9 May 2009

Once again, I'd like to thank and acknowledge the crew of Indian Gal 51, for their courage, bravery and risk-taking in answering the call to save a downed pilot (Call sign, Torpedo) on 20 August 1966. And that thanks and acknowledgement also extends to the two pilots in Locket flight, especially A-1, Locket Lead, Lt.Cmdr. Jack Feldhaus (deceased), to Jack's brother, Larry Feldhaus, and Jack's family. You all created the opportunity for me to live another forty-three (43) years on this planet. Thank you my friends. Every August 20 we have a "second" birthday celebration, and give thanks. 

This acknowledgement and thanks also goes to all the courageous HS-6 crews we met in San Diego, and those who could not be with us. You guys made it possible for us to fly our combat missions with some hope of being rescued, should we get shot down.

You will not be forgotten in our remembrances of the Vietnam War and beyond. 

Donna and I send you our best regards and trust you will all have a great reunion. If you're ever in Las Vegas, please let us know and we'll get together.


Tiff Hawks

Lt. Col. Retired USAF


Created: 09/27/09