Second Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Pensacola, Florida
May 6-10, 2009

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Combat Aircrew Wings Ceremony

During our 2009 Reunion the following Raunchy Redskins were awarded their Combat Aircrew Wings for actions while under enemy fire or returning enemy fire during Combat Search and Rescue operations:


Jimmy Conrad - posthumously - during the rescue of Lcdr William Isenhour, USN, on 7 July 1966 and again during the rescue of  Capt Marvin Mayfield, USAF, on 27 July 1966. Accepting the CAW on behalf of his deceased father was Senior Airman James Conrad, USAF.


Thomas Goen - posthumously - during the rescue of Lt Neal Holben, USN, on 5 July 1966. We are still searching for a relative of Tom in order to present Tom's CAW to them. Click here to contact us.


Dave Hannum - during the rescue of a crewmember of a downed USAF F-4 on 27 August 1966. Dave was unable to attend our 2009 Reunion due to health issues. His CAW were subsequently mailed to him after the Reunion.


Alan Nobles - during the rescue of Lt Dennis Lawrence, USN, on 8 May 1968.


Harley Olsen - during the rescue of Ltjg Richard Adams, USN, on 12 July 1966.


Don Stanford - during the rescue of 1stLt John Casper, USAF on 14 September 1966.


Ted Williams - during the attempt to rescue Maj R. P. Taylor, USAF on 14 October 1966.


Vincent "Vic" Vicari - posthumously - during the rescue of Lt Neal Holben, USN on 5 July 1966 and during the attempt to rescue  Lt Deane Woods, USN, between 12 and 16 October 1966. We are still searching for a relative of Vic to in order to present Vic's CAW to them. Click here to contact us.

RAdm Fred Lewis, USN, Ret. begins the CAW award ceremony

Skipper Al Fox and RAdm Gary Jones, CNETC, share a word before the presentations begin

Vann Goodloe reads the citations - Adm Gus Kinnear, USN Ret. observes from the front row.

James Conrad accepts the CAW and Certificate on behalf of his deceased father, Jimmie

James is a Senior Airman in the USAF

Alan Nobles receives his CAW from Skipper Al Fox

Alan qualified for the CAW while TAD to HC-7 in May 1968

Harley Olsen receives his certificate from RAdm Gary Jones...

and a big hug from Skipper Al Fox

Don Stanford receives his CAW certificate. Don's brother Tom, in foreground, captures the moment.

John Casper (lower right) was rescued under fire by Don Stanford

Don returns after receiving his CAW

Ted Williams receives his CAW certificate from RAdm Gary jones

Big smile from Ted!

Ted's award as seen from the Atrium second deck. "Valient Rescue Attempt" panelists are on stage in the background.

Award recipients receive a well deserved STANDING OVATION from the audience while an H-3 lurks outside the windows on left.

Don Stanford and Ed Marsyla confer after the ceremony. Woody Woodruff (center background)

Don Stanford, Ed and Judy Marsyla

Dan Sanders and Don Stanford

We believe that the following Aircrewmen are also eligible for the CAW award but have not yet submitted their affidavit. They maybe be others who are eligible as well. If you know where any of them are, please have them contact us.

bulletDavid Abbott
bulletJerry Dunford
bulletRoyce Roberts
bulletAWAN Wahl
bulletRandall Amero
bulletTom Grisham
bulletRodger Sitko
bulletKenneth White
bulletGeorge Armstrong
bulletAW-2 Jarvis
bulletGary Smith
bulletCurtis Williams
bulletMichael Brantly
bulletJ.W. Jones
bulletRussell Sprague
bulletChester Wood
bulletRoland Cockerham
bulletThomas Monroe

Updated: 07/15/09