Past Reunions

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bullet1980 - First reunion of Plank Owners and the Indian Gals from 1956 (plank owners) to 1962 (through 1964 under Mark Starr) - NAS North Island
bullet1992 - Second Plank Owner/ Indian Gal reunion - Pensacola
bullet1996 - Third Plank Owner/Indian Gal reunion - NAS North Island
bullet2000 - Fourth Plank Owner/Indian Gal reunion - NAS North Island
bullet HS-6 50th Anniversary HS-6 celebrated this milestone at NAS North Island in June 2006.
bullet San Diego, CA ― 2007 First ever Raunchy Redskin reunion. No one knew what to expect, but we had such a great time that we decided we should have another one in 2009.
bullet Pensacola, FL ― 2009 Held in conjunction with the Naval Aviation Museum Symposium, HS-6 was recognized for its valiant effort to rescue a downed US Navy  A-1 pilot from North Viet Nam.
bullet Corpus Christi, TX ― 2011Open house at NAS Corpus Christi and dinner aboard the USS Lexington were just a few of the highlights.
bullet HS-6 Transition Ceremony - July 8, 2011 - NAS North Island - the last folks ever to serve in HS-6 hosted us to a great time.
bulletLas Vegas, NV - 2013 - we get to visit the 66 ARS (Jolly Greens) at Nellis and the USAF Thunderbird Museum and hangar.

Updated: 03/06/14