Third Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Corpus Christi, Texas
7-10 April 2011

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Welcome Cocktail Party

On Thursday evening (after most of us arrived) we got together for a little casual socialization, some liquid libations, a chance to renew old acquaintances and the opportunity to welcome first-time attendees into the tribe. A beautiful view of Corpus Christi Bay, a delicious heavy hors d'oeuvre buffet and great friends!

Recognize anyone? Where's Webb Hayes, Tom Phillips, Carol Hobdy, Judy Clarke, Sharon Petrovich, Bill...

Waechter, Ginny & Doug Heggie, Jim Petrovich,Don Stanford, Buzz Barlow, Eric Oxendorf, Sue Fuller

Steve Caple in front. Ron Clarke, Eric Oxendorf, Bill Hobdy, Mike Jones, Tom Phillips looking for some liquid refreshment behind him.

Steve Caple, Curt Williams, Carol Hobdy, Bill Waechter, Doug Heggie, Ken Burns, Jim Petrovich, Phil Fuller, Don Stanford

Tom Phillips, Barbara & Russ Sprague

Don Stanford, Steve Caple

Judy & Ed Marsyla

Cecilia & Buzz Barlow, Sue Fuller, Helen & Ken Burns

Buzz & Cecilia Barlow

Glenn Brisby and Alan Nobles

Don Stanford, Glenn Brisby and Alan Nobles

Created: 05/16/11