Third Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Corpus Christi, Texas
7-10 April 2011

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Combat Air Crew Wings

During our banquet on the Lexington, Skipper Al Fox had the honor of presenting the prestigious Combat Air Crew Wings to Rodger Sitko (he'd been eligible at the 2009 reunion but was unable to attend), Russ Sprague, Steve Caple and Roy Powell. Don Stanford had HS-6 green baseball caps embroidered for the new awardees. Look for the green BB caps in other reunion pictures.

Rodger Sitko prepares the Certificates and Wings for presentation.

Rodger Sitko gets his Wings from Al Fox.

Roy Powell gets his Wings.

Roy has every reason to be happy!

Steve Caple and Al wait while Rodger reads the certificate.

Steve Caple and Al Fox

Rodger prepares to hand the certificate to Russ Sprague.

Created: 05/18/11