Third Raunchy Redskin Reunion

Corpus Christi, Texas
7-10 April 2011

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Reunion Banquet on the USS Lexington

Ed and Judy Marsyla wanted all of us to sample a real Texas BBQ before we left Corpus so they arranged to have one catered on the Lex's hangar deck. As we gathered for cocktails we had the opportunity to view some of the vintage aircraft and other items on display in Hangar Bay 2.

Coming up to the Lex via the shuttle vehicle. This gangway leads to Hangar Bay 3.

An A-4 Skyhawk decked out in Blue Angels colors.

The N3N "Yellow Peril" trainer was built for the Navy at the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia.

The TBF "Avenger," similar to the one President George H. W. Bush was flying when he was shot down during WWII.

The Navy called this the SNJ "Texan." The Air Corps also called it the "Texan" but designated it the AT-6.

BB-57, USS South Dakota was commissioned in 1942 and served in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Decommissioned in '47 and later sold for scrap.

What would a Raunchy Redskin Reunion banquet be without a chance to socialize over a few drinks?

Carolyn & Al Fox, Vern Von Sydow.

Vickie Medley, Ruth Waechter, Rick Adams, Bill Medley.

Ann Keenan, Sharon Petrovich, Carol Hobdy, Judy Clarke.

Ross Mordhorst, Jim Petrovich, Ron Clarke, Bill Hobdy.

Margaret Mordhorst, Paulette & Woody Woodroof.

Mary Cuneo & Eric Oxendorf.

Phil Fuller.

Mike Jones, Webb Hayes.

Bill Waechter, Rich Keenan.

Sharon Zaferin, Rodger Sitko.

Ed Marsyla, Rick Adams

Helen Burns, Sue Fuller, Cecilia Barlow.

We eventually were seated and enjoyed the delicious Texas BBQ.

Mike Jones, Buzz Barlow are slow to follow Cecilia Barlow and Sue Fuller to the buffet line.

Roy Powell and Niki Sittle.

Doug & Ginny Heggie and Pam & Glenn Brisby.

Sharon Zaferin, Rodger Sitko, Curt Williams.

Sylvia & Alan Nobles, Steve Caple

Sharon Williams, Don & Amy Stanford

Judy & Ed Marsyla.

Barbara & Russ Sprague, Becky (?).

Ken & Helen Burns, Tom Phillips, Judy & Ed Marsyla, Carolyn Fox, Rick Adams, Vickie & Bill Medley - Al Fox at the podium.

Judy & Ed Marsyla are all smiles as the hardest part of the reunion is behind them.

We took some time to recognize some folks and keep a few traditions alive.

Rick Adams has some kind words for the assembled Raunchy Redskins.

Rick Adams

Rick Adams turns the podium back over to Al Fox.

Ken Burns briefs everyone on the upcoming HS-6 Transition Ceremony.

Hope to see all of you in San Diego on 8 July 2011.

Ed Marsyla presents Roy Powell with a vintage HS-6 plaque.

The plaque had been in the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in Little Rock. How it got there is anyones guess.

Ed Marsyla has a surprise for the "Big Chief." Once again Al Fox has the approprite headgear for the reunion banquet.

"Better try this sucker on."


Looking good

The best Air Crewmen in the world pose for a group shot

Created: 05/18/11