HS-6 50th Anniversary

NAS North Island, California
June 2006

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On 1 June 1956, aboard the USS PRINCETON (CVS-37) midway between the islands of Formosa and Okinawa, HS-2 Detachment Alpha was commissioned as HS-6 with Lcdr Douglas D. McKay, USN as the acting commanding officer.

In June 2006, HS-6 celebrated its 50th Anniversary at NAS North Island. Several Plank Owners and other "Old Hands" were able to attend. Festivities included a Welcome Reception at the World Famous I Bar; a Golf Tournament; a Beach Party with volleyball, a talent show and BBQ; a tour of the USS Midway and a 50th Anniversary Banquet.

Please help us identify all the folks in these pictures correctly. If you have additions or corrections please send them to Ken Burns.

Welcome Reception - World Famous I Bar

HS-6 C.O.Cdr Gregory Eaton chats with Tom Pocklington.

Mike Jones shares a laugh with Skipper Greg Eaton.

Webb Hayes and Rear Admiral Bill Terry talk with a current HS-6 Indian.

Sandy & Leo Keiffer at the HS-6 souvenir table.

Anoother picture of Leo & Sandy.

Mike Jones and Eric Oxendorf.

Mike Jones and HS-6 XO Cdr Michael Baratta.

George Cagle.

Leo Keiffer.

Tom Pocklington and Leo Kieffer.

Leo Keiffer,George Cagle, Rear Admiral Bill Terry, Webb Hayes, and Sandy Keiffer

HS-6 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament

Beach Picnic, Karaoke and Volleyball

Vic and Sally Graf

USS Midway Museum Tour

Touring the SH-3 on the flight deck with HS-6 insignia and Capt. Bob Vermilya's name on the other side.

Down with the Snipes in Engineering.

HS-6 50th Anniversary Banquet

No Navy celebration would be complete without a cake.

Cutting the cake.

Sandy and Leo Keiffer

Marilyn Leach, Sue Fieser and Arnie Fieser

Judy & Mike Scuro, former CO Frank Herndon and Tom Pocklington.

Mike & Judy Scuro, CO Frank Herndon, Tom pocklington, Eric Oxendorf and Mike Jones.

The HS-6 alumni.

Head table included CO Gregory Eaton, former CO John Leach and wife Marilyn, Rear Admiral Bill Terry and XO Michael Baratta.