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20 August 1966 - Capt Tiff Hawks and Bill Roy inside the unarmored Indian Gal 51 after the rescue

The Indian Gal 51 crew on the Kearsarge after the rescue, L-R: Vann Goodloe, Bill Roy, Sitko, Sprague

Capt Tiff Hawks is one happy fellow after his rescue in North Viet Nam by Indian Gal 51

31 August 1966, Haiphong Harbor - Lcdr Tommy Tucker arriving!

Lcdr Tommy Tucker safe onboard

Indian Gal 69 prepares to ditch...

after being badly shot up on a....

Bright Light special ops mission...

over NVN on...

October 16, 1966.

The wounded crewmembers successfully abandon...

the SAR bird as it...

settles ever deeper into the water.

F-4 Phantom night launch from the USS Constellation in 1966

11 January 1968 - The pilot rescued by the crew of Big Mutha 67 had his leg broken while ejecting from his crippled aircraft

Injured pilot safely back aboard his CVA

Indian Gal 67 (A Log bird) was used to rescue the injured pilot

Flying formation on Indian Gal 67 during the 1967-8 WESTPAC cruise

Heading off to North SAR at daybreak

148981, wearing side number 68, turns up on the USS Chicago during the 1966 cruise

Rick Grant, Olsen, Brantly, Smith and Don Nichols pose in front of 148981 also known as Big Mutha IV during the 1966 cruise

SPADs with Big Mutha 67 on Kearsarge

3 HS-6 Det SAR Birds on a CVA

Big Mutha 70 waits for the call to action on a DLG

Big Mutha 70 ended up a little short on the approach

Big Mutha 71 - Standby on PIRAZ DLG

Big Mutha 71 - Standby on PIRAZ DLG

Big Mutha 71 - Standby on PIRAZ DLG

149696 gets an engine change while Big Mutha 71 stands ready for action

Big Mutha 74 - Standby on PIRAZ DLG - Checkout the Cammo paint job

Big Mutha 74 waiting for action on PIRAZ DLG

A view you don't see everyday

Taking a break between missions - armored door modified for fixed forward-firing M-60 in addition to flex mount

Put the wheels on the squares and keep it parallel to the center line

USS Chicago (CG 11), the PIRAZ ship gets ready to launch the SAR bird to make room for the Log Bird - MAIL CALL!

Just your friendly Gulf Service Station

SAR helo onboard USS Chicago (CG-11)

Line-up looks good - easy forward

Safely aboard - don't want to land short here

AX3 (AC) Don Stanford in a SAR bird looking aft

Looking forward in the same SAR bird

Dan Sanders sits behind the armored copilot seat in a SAR bird

Test firing the forward M-60 from a Log Bird

Brass went everywhere

USS Newport News (CA 148) - Sort of like a mini-battleship - teak deck and all

Our friend the SPAD with Big Mutha 74

Another shot of our friend - go slow and carry a heavy load

SPADs on Kearsarge

SPADs on Kearsarge

SPADs on Kearsarge