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We operated in all sorts of environments and from all kinds of ships. We conducted helicopter in-flight refueling (HIFR) operations from ships that were too small to land on, we landed on all sorts of surface combatants (usually successfully), we conducted Surface, Subsurface, Surveillance Coordination flights, flew the press corps around, made MedEvacs to Da Nang, rescued stranded fishermen and other mariners and met every challenge with style and grace.

Sunrise take-off in the Gulf of Tonkin

Indian Gal 52 flies Angel for a launch/recovery cycle

Heading in for a Hi Drink from the

USS James E. Kyes

What they see from down below - USS Evans before her sinking

What we see from above - Mail Call for a Small Boy

They're also ready to refuel us if needed

Moving in over the USS Walke

Bob Wildman gets a drink in the rain

USS Chicago (CG-11) with a Big Mutha SAR bird on deck

Everything but Green Stamps

USS Providence (CLG-6) operated as one of the PIRAZ ships up North

Easy Forward

Safely aboard

Missed it by thaaaat much!

The USS Arlington had a few obstacles

The USS Newport News was much more spacious

Funky winds today!

Doc Stemsrud in Da Nang after Medivacing a rescued pilot

The Christian Science Monitor correspondent catches a ride

Saw plenty of these all across the Gulf

The Front Office

A little DR nav when the plotter was down

Hope that island isn't Injun Country


Updated: 01/31/07