Rescue of Capt. Marvin Mayfield, USAF

July 27, 1966

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After the rescue, I was surprised to learn, via a letter from Capt. Mayfield, through official channels, that the Air Force was not flying their helicopters at night at this time. The Jolly Green that showed up as we cleared the beach was evidently up at first light. One really good thing came out of this rescue. It became clear that Capt. Mayfield did not know the Navy was providing SAR services! The Air Force did not brief their pilots of our whereabouts, and the Navy was not providing our pilots with information about other SAR groups. Cdr. Lockwood made sure two senior HS-6 officers went to Da Nang that afternoon, and by nightfall, each service was aware of all SAR options. Ron Clarke  via Email on 12/29/06

Ron Clarke's account of the rescue  
Ron Clarke's Logbook - July 1966  
Jimmy Conrad's account of the rescue  
SH-3 - Buno 149735 used during rescue  
Lori Mayfield remembers her father  


Capt. Marvin Mayfield with a RF-4C like the plane he was flying when shot down on 27 July, 1966 Stock photo of RF-4C from Mayfield's squadron getting airborne Capt. Mayfield and his ground transport on-base in South Viet Nam
Capt. Mayfield's intended flight route the night he was shot down Map of area where Capt. Mayfield was rescued

Newspaper articles about the rescue of Captain Mayfield



Official USAF press release on Captain Mayfield's rescue


Picture of Lori Mayfield on her 4th birthday sent to the Captain in Viet Nam by Lori's mother - picture is mentioned by Lori in her story above

Lori and her 2 year old son, Ames Somerset Mayfield - Spring 2009

Lori Mayfield visited the site of her father's shoot-down and rescue in 2003

Me (in the gold jacket) trying to recreate some kind of helicopter experience there--closest I got was this Russian heli-jet in Hanoi--it was first flight of the New Year so they greeted us with flowers. (My dad never mentioned anything about being greeted with flowers when he landed there)


This man (in blue sweater) was allegedly there the night my dad was shot down/rescued--this guy is 80 yrs old--he was a rice farmer by day and at night it was  his job to identify planes above, and when they were shot down, try and rally villagers to capture the downed pilots. I shot some video of this interview I had with him (via translators)--would love to get that transcribed by someone from a Berlitz language place. Who knows for sure
what this guy really had to say!


Rescue site and one of the water buffalo (or likely its descendent) that my father was mistaken for by Ron and Jerry.