Indian Gal 69 Down

October 16, 1966

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Clementine stayed with Indian Gal 69 as Dave Murphy and Ed Marsyla prepare to set down on the water... Indian Gal 69 lands in the Gulf of Tonkin after receiving heavy battle damage over North Viet Nam during a protracted rescue attempt... Perfect touch down just like we practiced in Lake Otay (except we never had to deal with the waves) - note the battle damage to the horizontal stabilizer
Safely on the water and shutting down A motor whaleboat approaches to pick up the crew Clementine stays on scene to assist

Indian Gal 69 sinks lower in the water as the motor whaleboat moves away - USS Collett (DD-730) is in the background as a SARCAP SPAD stays overhead even though the crew is safely "feet wet" - literally and figuratively! Battle damage is very evident in the photo Even with the flotation bags deployed the helo continues to settle in the water due to the extensive battle damage
Indian Gal 69 takes a last look around... and heads for the deep. SAR Det C reunited on the USS Intrepid (CVA-11)  L to R; Back Row: Ross Mordhorst, Buck Carlton, Vern Von Sydow, Bob Bernand, Doug Heggie, Vann Goodloe, Bill Roy, Ed Marsyla - Front Row: Tom May, Leon Houghlum, Bill Medley, Dave Murphy
Dave Murphy and Ed Marsyla after the mission - Ed still showing affects of his wounds Dave has already been presented with his Navy Cross as Ed and ADJ1 Vicari wait for their Silver Stars Ed is awarded his Silver Star

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