Forward Firing M-60

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Building on experience gained during the 1966 deployment HS-6 began the 1967-8 deployment determined to address operational short-comings in equipment that had previously been identified. One of the most obvious, and amenable to action at squadron level, was the lack of forward defensive firepower when the forward gunner position was unmanned during situations such as survivor pick-up which required that two rescue crewman man the after station.

HS-6 addressed the above deficiency by successfully analyzing, designing, developing and testing a fixed mount, forward firing M-60 machine gun mounting bracket, ammunition feed system and electrical wiring harness.

The photos and information below was provided by Ross Mordhorst who, as the Av/Arm Division Officer, was the driving force behind this project.

Click here to read Skipper Al Fox's draft assessment of the M-60 installation.

Ross stands in the forward hatch of an SH-3 with the M-60 in place One of our outstanding ATs came up with the linear actuators and wiring to make the firing mechanism work Viewed from the front with ammo feed chute installed
M-60 mounted on 777 SAR bird named after a bar in Olongopo Cutting the hole through the aluminum armor plating was a lot of work - that stuff was really tough! Sticking your arm out the window wasn't recommended, particularly when firing the M-60
Ross thinks that's Rich Keenan in the cockpit Brass from the M-60 ejected onto the cabin floor creating a real skating rink  
One of Kearsarge's shops came up with the material, welding, etc. to fabricate the gun mounts Aircrewman in forward hatch checks the operation of the M-60 during a test firing over the Gulf of Tonkin

Created: 01/23/07